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TRALOTRA (2007-2009)

 TITLE Development, diffusion and application of professional innovative Training tools in Logistics and Transport in order to improve intermodal transport
 TIME FRAME 1. 1. 2007–31. 12. 2008
 PROJECT COORDINATOR Provincia di Brescia (IT)
 PARTNERSKLOK Kompetenzzentrum Logistik Kornwesheim (DE), PARADIGMA (AT), Provincia di Cremona in Provincia di Mantova (IT), CERTET Bocconi Milano (IT), Vrenken Transport & Economics LN Den Haag (BE).
 ORGANIZED EVENTS Workshop "Innovative Methods for Education in the Field of Transportation and Logistics" (30. 06. 2008)


The lack of knowledge about opportunities for transport operators of the shift to intermodal transport are relevant barriers for the growth of market shares of transport models alternative to road. Professionals involved in strategic decision making and, on lower levels, planning staff involved in the design of logistic solutions need to be equipped with practical knowledge and skills about how intermodal transport can serve their interests and with tools to support the implementation of intelligent intermodal logistic solutions. Moreover, training institutes need to be given access to practice oriented training material, including concrete best practice examples.


The general objectives of the project are:

  • To enhance the professional skill of personnel and management of transport and logistics companies;
  • To enhance the professional skill of personnel in force at Public Agencies for intermodal transport and logistics promotion, in order to improve the specific transport and logistic knowledge for human resources whose activity is mainly aimed at ensuring a public-side interface for territorial “logistics key players”;
  • To improve the attractiveness of intermodal and other forms of sustainable freight transport.

The general objective is achieved via the implementation of actions meeting specific objectives, i.e.

  • The creation of a common platform for training and promotion.
  • The alignment and harmonization of training and promotional material on intermodal transport at European level;
  • The insertion of concepts and notions related to intermodal in existing educational and training courses;
  • The dissemination of best practices
  • The dissemination of standardized training tools in order to insure the transferability of results at larger scale.

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