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E-Carriage 4CBST Study tour in Braunwald, Switzerland

In the scope of the E-Carriage 4CBST project, project partners from Slovenia and Austria organized a study tour to Switzerland on May 16th and 17th, 2019, more specifically to Braunwald, which is renowned for its eco-friendly tourism, which offers, among other things, a holiday experience without the presence of car use. A non-profit organization Bruwald Mobil is in charge of clean, animal-friendly, etc. quiet mobility in Braunwald, whose members we also met and shared their experience in tourism, promotion and e-carriages. The latter, in large part, represent an alternative to four-wheeled carriage. The organization promotes and supports mobility through sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources and public transport. It also seeks to preserve, promote and enhance the attractiveness of villages, excursions and the Braunwald resort in general. The study visit revealed very good examples of good practices that are well integrated into the environment. The information obtained and the use of the on-site tourist offer will further assist us in designing quality tourism products and offers as part of the E-Carriage project. 


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