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R&D solutions of the MAHEPA project: The future lies in a modular approach

At the pre-New Year's Eve meeting, held on December 14, 2018, at the Edvard Rusjan Airport in Maribor, researchers from the University of Maribor and the economy gathered to present cases of good practices and maintain good research cooperation. The meeting was held under the auspices of the University of Maribor and in co-ordination of Youth Entrepreneurs of European Union (JUENE) and the Municipality of Hoče - Slivnica as the third consecutive meeting of this type which shows that cooperation between businessmen and researchers of the University of Maribor brings many additional values and opportunities to address challenges together. Two round tables were held in the framework of the meeting, which included presentations of this year's most significant examples of good practices in transferring knowledge and technologies from the academic to the business environment. As part of the event, the cooperation between the economy and the University in the MAHEPA project was also presented, which is one of the most rewarding research and development achievements this year.


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