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eGUTS project presentation at a conference The Danube Region Transport Days

The Danube Region Transport Days
ORGANIZERMinistry of Infrastructure
TEC, City of Poznan (PL), Metropolitan City of Bologna (IT), Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation (DE), Vecses Municipality (HU), City of Rijeka (CRO), KLOK Logistics Cooperation Centre (DE), Mestna občina Maribor (SI)
DATE AND PLACE4. 12. — 5. 12. 2018, Ljubljana

On Tuesday, 4. 12. 2018, eGUTS project was presented at THE DANUBE REGION TRANSPORT DAYS 2018, which was held place in Ljubljana (4. – 5. 12. 2018). The international stakeholder conference brings together transport community to exchange and share their experiences, results and ideas on all aspects of transport in the Danube macro-region. It is a platform aiming at strengthening cooperation between transport stakeholders in the Danube macro-region in order to jointly address the challenges associated with implementation of existing transport policy activities. The conference is organized by Priority area 1b "To improve mobility and multimodality − rail, road and air links" with support of EIRE- EuroRAP and UNECE.

The eGUTS project was presented within session “S3: Activities and On-going Projects Relevant to the Danube Region” where the eGUTS APP and eGUTS charging/rental stations have captured the interest of participants. Several participants have shown interest in deployment of eGUTS APP and opportunities for cooperation will be further explored. 

eGUTSDanubeRegionTransportDays  eGUTSDanubeRegionTransportDays