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CO-EFFICIENT (2013-2015)

 TITLE COllaborative framework for energy EFFICIENT SME systems
 CONTRACTING  AUTHORITY Evropska unija: Program Mediteran
 TIME FRAME01. 01. 2013 - 30. 06. 2015
 PROJECT COORDINATOR University of Mariboru (Slovenia)
 PARTNERSRegional Development Agency Mura (Slovenia)
Institute for Transport and Logistics (Italy)
National Confederation of Crafts and Small and Medium Enterprises Modena Province Association (Italy)
SATA Advanced Technology Application (Italy)
Valenciaport Foundation for Research, Promotion and Commercial Studies of the Valencian region (Spain)
CIERVAL  (Spain)
AFT Regional Delegation of Rhone Alps (France)
Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja ltd., (Croatia)
Centre for Entrepreneurship Osijek (Croatia)

CO-EFFICIENt logoCO-EFFICIENT is aiming to advance innovation and already available technologies for energy efficiency and use of renewable resources in operations and production processes of Mediterranean SMEs. In comparison to large companies, SMEs are generally slow to adopt energy efficient solutions as there is not enough communication and coordination between the R&D sector and SME systems, which evidently prevents technology and know-how transfer. The premise, on which this project is based, is that a permanent collaborative framework for energy efficiency and use of renewable resources linking SMEs, the R&D sector, as well as other institutional stakeholder in the Mediterranean area, will be able of improving collaboration between SMEs and the R&D sector and inducing important behavioural and technological changes in the field of energy efficient operations and production processes.

The main objective of this framework will be the set-up of a living lab environment, active in all partner countries in which SMEs as final users and R&D organisation as the main developers will collaborate to develop new solutions for better use of energy in production and operations. Two international living labs will be established each comprised of 5 local pilots. The first international living lab will develop eServices for SMEs in order to improve the energy efficiency of operations, especially in the context of supply chain relationships. The second international living lab will collaboratively develop a Frame of reference for energy efficiency and use of renewable resources in production and operations.  It will support SMEs in the identification of key production processes and operations that could be improved as far as energy efficiency or the use of renewable resources is concerned.

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