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B2B LOCO conference "Transport and logistics ICT solutions - from EU projects to business practice"

Transport and logistics ICT solutions - from EU projects to business practice
ORGANIZERTransport Economics Centre
Slovenian Society for Transport Science, Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport
Grand hotel Metropol, Portorož, 27. 5. 2011

Transport Economics Centre has within the B2B LOCO project organised international conference "Transport and logistics ICT solutions - from EU projects tu bussines practice",that was held together with the “International Conference on Transport Science – ICTS 2011” organized by Slovenian Society for Transport Science and Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport.

The participants of the “Transport and logistics ICT solutions – from EU projects to business practice” had the opportunity to:
  • familiarize with best practice solutions developed from EU projects in logistics and transport
  • learn how enterprises may benefit from European Projects
  • gain first-hand experiences on participation in EU projects and in Seventh Framework Programme

List of participants and presentation summaries are available at


  • dr. Elen Twrdy, dr. Stane Božičnik
  • dr. Igor Jakomin
  • dr. Stane Božičnik, Ewa Dobrzeniecka
  • dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik
  • dr. Elen Twrdy, dr. Igor Jakomin, dr. Kristi Bombol
  • dr. Kristi Bombol
  • dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik, dr. Elen Twrdy
  • Stojan Petelin
  • Igor Zotti
  • Tomislav Letnik, dr. Stane Božičnik, Franc Razbornik
  • Ewa Dobrzeniecka
  • dr. Flavio Bonfatti, dr. Stane Božičnik, dr. Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik
  • Dr. Patrick Vlačič
  • dr. Fedor Černe, dr. Stane Božičnik, Ewa Dobrzeniecka
  • dr. Fedor Černe
  • Balázs Barta
  • dr. Stane Božičnik, Tomislav Letnik
  • Vasilis Dimarelos
  • dr. Wiktor Szydarowski
  • dr. Flavio Bonfatti
  • Dean Herenda
  • dr. Stane Božičnik, Tomislav Letnik
  • Edvard Rošker
  • Franc Razbornik
  • Jože Novinšek
  • Tomislav Letnik
  • Janez Strojan
  • mag. Armin Musija
  • Aleksandra Kodrič
  • Klemen Jamšek
  • Sašo Murtič, dr. Stane Božičnik
  • Igor Žula
  • dr. Fedor Černe
  • Jože Novinšek, Janez Strojan, Franc Razbornik

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (FINAL_agenda_english.pdf)Agenda (eng)Conference agenda in english language479 Kb
Download this file (FINAL_agenda_slovenian.pdf)Agenda (slo)Dnevni red konference v slovenskem jeziku280 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_01_Dobrzeniecka_B2B_Loco.pdf)Ewa DobrzenieckaB2B Loco project presentation805 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_02_Cerne_Welcome.pdf)dr. Fedor ČerneB2B Loco welcome734 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_03_Eder_BrokerageTool.pdf)Balázs BartaPresentation of B2B loco Brokerage tool with special emphasis on benefits for SMEs772 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_04_Dimarelos_B2B_database.pdf)Vasilis DimarelosSMEs participation in 7th FP: Success stories1237 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_05_Szydarowski_TransBaltic.pdf)dr. Wiktor SzydarowskiBaltic Sea Region as a model area for green transport solutions – contribution from TransBaltic project2309 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_06_Bonfatti_Collaboration_of_SMEs.pdf)dr. Flavio BonfattiCollaboration of SMEs in supply chains – projects SEAMLESS, KASSETTS and EBEST589 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_07_Herenda_Merlin_EasyWay.pdf)Dean HerendaEasyWay – Intelligent infrastructure and intelligent freight RFID based services397 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_08_Rosker_StarNetRegio.pdf)Edvard RoškerSTARNETregio – Transnational network of regional research-driven marine clusters841 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_09_Razbornik_Reusable_packaging.pdf)Franc RazbornikResults from CASTLE project - Efficient management of reusable packaging938 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_10_Novinsek_MMOGle.pdf)Jože NovinšekHow to Become A-Class Supplier Using the Best Business Practices Described in the Global Logistics Standard MMOG/LE?2896 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_11_Strojan_Effect_of_EDI.pdf)Janez StrojanEffects of EDI implementation in SME’s logistics1145 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_12_Musija_Transporeon.pdf)mag. Armin MusijaTransporeon – transport ordering system1954 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_13_Kodric_URSA_SLO.pdf)Aleksandra KodričImplementation of Transporeon - Ursa case study693 Kb
Download this file (B2BLOCO_presentation_14_Jamsek_CVS.pdf)Klemen JamšekTelematics systems and fleet management for SMEs921 Kb