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TransNEW (2010-2011)

 TITLE TransNEW – Support for realising New Member and Associated States' potentials in transport research
European Commission: 7th Framework Programme
dr. Stane Božičnik
1. 1. 2010 – 31. 12. 2011
NewRail - University of Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom)
 PARTNERSVilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania), Riga Technical University (Latvia), CDV Transport Research Centre (Czech Republic), Centrum Techniki SA Okretowej (Poland), air traffic control of Slovenia (Slovenia), University of Belgrade - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Serbia), The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (Turkey), Integral Consulting R & D (Romania), Dennis SCHUT (Czech Republic), Higher School of Transportation (Bulgaria), Universitatea a technician Moldovei (Moldova), Euromobilita sro (Czech Republic), JÁFI-AUTÓKUT Engineering Ltd (Hungary), National Institute for Research and Development (Romania), Univerza v Mariboru - Fakulteta za Gradbeništvo (Slovenia)

TransNEW is a Support Action project under the European Commission Seventh Framework (2007-2013) and aims to map the transport research potential in all the New Member and Associated States.

The main objectives of the TransNEW project are:

  • to assess the transport research capabilities and capacities of the New Member States, Candidate Countries, Potential Candidate Countries and Associated States grouped into following regions:
    • Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
    • Central Europe (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary)
    • West Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and FYR Macedonia)
    • South Balkans and the Mediterranean (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Moldova, Albania, Malta, Cyprus and Turkey)
    • The Associated Countries (Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Iceland, Israel)
  • Development of an International database of researches and research projects in the field of transport, that will highlight the strengths and weaknesses in transport research both country and region-wide.  It is an aim of the project to make this database available for public access via the internet to enable networking and partner searching.
  • Promote the participation of new researchers and organisations (especially SMEs) in national, regional and EU research projects, especially in FP7 projects through organisation of:
    • “Research Capabilities and Potentials” workshops
    • “Research Opportunities” workshops

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