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B2B LOCO Workshop "How To Realize Business and Research Ambitions?"

WORKSHOP TITLE B2B LOCO Workshop "How To Realize Business and Research Ambitions?"
TEC FG-UM; Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology; TechnoCenter at University of Maribor; Tovarna Podjemov
PLACE AND DATEFG (A-205), Maribor, 3. 6. 2010

Faculty of Civil Engineering has on June 3rd, 2010, hosted workshop "How To Realize Business and Research Ambitions?" The workshop was organized within the framework of EU project B2B LOCO and was addressed to those interested in topics such as entrepreneurship and R&D. Workshop speakers presented several options for obtaining technical and financial assistance for implementation of various business and R&D ideas into practice and also possibilities for integration into the European research field.

For more information about the workshop see attachments below.


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Download this file (01_Stiglic_Mitja.pdf)Mitja ŠtiglicPredstavitev projekta B2B LOCO549 Kb
Download this file (02_Sabo_Rajko.pdf)mag. Rajko SaboPriložnosti za mala in srednje velika podjetja v 7. okvirnem programu1314 Kb
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