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TransSLO-PLUS workshop on various aspects of fuel-efficient driving

TransSLO-PLUS workshop "Environmental, economic, and systemic aspects of fuel-efficient driving"
PARTNERSMinistry of Transport RS
PLACE AND DATEMaribor, 23. 2. 2010

Within TransSLO-PLUS workshop results of the EU project RECODRIVE were presented to the general public.

RECODRIVE project has demonstrated possibilities of reducing fuel consumption in transport companies through application of economical driving and sustainable fleet management principles. Representatives of several companies involved in RECODRIVE pilot projects (Viator&Vekor Logistika, SNAGA Maribor, Avtobusni promet Murska Sobota, Kobal Transport) have presented different approaches to the introduction of fuel-efficient driving into the companies and fuel savings resulting from implemented measures. Companies were awarded with RECODRIVE certificate proving their success and dedication to achieving lower fuel consumption.
Additional important aspect of the workshop was establishment of constructive discourse between the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Economic Chamber of Trade, on unifying Slovenian politics in the field of fuel-efficient driving.



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