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Public Private Partnerships (PPP) operating feasibility for Maribor Airport (2008)

 TITLE Public Private Partnerships (PPP) operating feasibility for Maribor Airport
Slovenian Civil Aviation Directorate
dr. Stanislav BOŽIČNIK
11. 2. 2008–7. 5. 2008


The study was ordered by the Slovenian Civil Aviation Directorate. The key purposes of the study were:
  • break-even point analysis of the Maribor airport,
  • finding the most appropriate organizational/ legal form for the airport,
  • finding the market niches and,
  • preparation of all necessary documentation for realization.
To do this, an in-depth literature review was carried out. Based on the findings of notable authors and own research the study came to the following conclusions:
  • The airport does not and has never achieved sufficient traffic volumes to cover its operational costs.
  • The airport does not meet any of the preconditions for rapid growth of passenger or freight traffic. It is not a gateway to an important tourist destination and does not play the role of a regional airport with a sufficiently large and rapidly expanding hinterland.
  • The airport has quite poor prospects for future development. The airport is placed in the middle of three competitive airports (Graz, Zagreb, and Ljubljana) with volumes over 1 million passengers per year.
  • The airport would not reach a break-even point even if it succeeded in attracting travellers from all potential surrounding regions, especially in the case of large investments (increase in fix and variable costs).

Based on the findings of the study several options / scenarios were made for further development of the Maribor Airport.

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