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TransSLO-PLUS conference "Transport and Environment"

CONFERENCE TITLE TransSLO-PLUS conference "Transport and Environment"
PLACE AND DATELjubljana, 17. 12. 2009

Transport Economic Centre has on 17th of December 2009 within the project TransSLO-PLUS successfully organized conference "Transport and Environment".

Project TransSLO-PLUS sets the foundations for the intensification of collaboration and coordination among Slovenian research organisations and researchers in field of transportation, it promotes cooperation with stakeholders and foreign research communities and ensures higher visibility of research and development results.

In the beginning of the conference the representative from the Ministry of Transport introduced the viewpoint of the Ministry to the conference theme "Transport and Environment". He was followed by the TransSLO-PLUS project manager, dr. Stane Božičnik who presented the project’s purpose and objectives.

Further on, the representatives of various Slovenian organizations presented their research and development projects in the field of transport and environment taking place in Slovenia. Project’s web site was presented including newly established database of researchers and research organizations in the field of transport in Slovenia. Conference ended with presentation of dr. Marjan Lep on "Models of Traffic Flow Management".


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