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Multimodal Transport and Logistic Centres (2003)

 TITLE Multimodal Transport and Logistic Centres
Slovenian Ministry of Transport
 PROJECT TEAM mag. Sebastian Toplak, doc. dr. Marjan Lep, mag. Sergej Težak, Beno Mesarec, univ. dipl. inž. prom.


The study is comprised of two parts. The first part deals with multimodal transport. It first describes the newest technological solutions in the field with a focus on transshipment technology for intermodal units. Secondly, it discusses transport policy documents of the EU. It goes on to analyse the development trends in standardization and tipization of intermodal transport units as well as the broader development trends in multimodal transport.

The second part is a feasibility study of the investment into a regional logistics centre near Maribor. A break-even point model for a regional logistic centre is developed and it is shown that the potential volume of transport in the area is not sufficient to justify the erection of a logistic centre. Further arguments are given why an investment in such infrastructure is not economically justified.

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