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Dragan Č. Lukić, Stanko Brčić and Vlatko Šešov

A comparison of linear and nonlinear seismic tunnel–ground interaction analyses


In order to study the effects of a seismically induced tunnel–ground interaction, two-dimensional numerical analyses are performed using the sofware ANSYS. The study employs a coupled beam–spring model subjected to earthquake loading that is simulated under pure shear conditions and determined by a free-field ground-response analysis using the code EERA. The properties of the soil material are considered as both linear and nonlinear. The results obtained by linear dynamic analyses are compared with state-of-practice analytical elastic solutions. A comparison of the results of both linear and nonlinear analyses is also performed, and significant differences, as well as important factors influencing the tunnel–ground interaction for both cases, are evaluated.


circular tunnel, linear/nonlinear soil behaviour, beam–spring model, plane-strain conditions, simplified dynamic FE analysis, soil–structure interaction