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and Xiao-zhen Jiang

A new method to test the anti-permeability strength of clay failure under high water pressure


It is difficult to judge the failure of clay seepage under a high water pressure.This paper presents a new method to assess clay failure based on the anti-permeability strength, which is the critical water pressure to destroy the clay. An experiment is designed to test the value that avoids the problem of the time-consuming, traditional method to test clay seepage deformation. The experimental system and the process of testing are introduced in this paper. With a self-designed experimental system and method, 18 groups of sample were tested. The results show that the clay thickness and the seepage paths influence the anti-permeability strength. It also indicates that water infiltrates into the clay under the condition that its pressure exceeds a minimum value (P0).


clay failure; seepage deformation; anti-permeability strength; high water pressure