Reasearch and Development

Reasearch and Development

The research at the Center for Mobility Research is based on theoretical and practical knowledge of interrelated fields. The main research areas are transport and sustainable solutions of transport problems. Knowledge from various professional fields is needed in this research such as: management, spatial planning, infrastructure, information systems, finances, environmental protection, security, safety, etc.

Sustainable mobility is a common, long-term goal of most research projects. With strategic and developmental research, opinions and expertise the Center helps in setting transport policy of cities, regions and countries.

The basic "tools" used by the Center are transport modeling and planning.

Traffic modeling is based on several complex traffic models. The most common traffic models are used for the forecasting of traffic flows/potential. The models such as the generation and distribution model, Logit (modal choice) models, and ERRAM models are used at different levels (micro, mezzo, macro level).

Transport planning is based on various transport processes, strategies and visions. Depending on the level of research, input and output conditions are determined in the planning process. Transport planning processes are useful for individual transport modes, as well for a multi-level approach.