MAX (2006-2009)

 PROJECT TITLE Successful Travel Awareness Campaigns and Mobility Management Strategies
 TIME FRAME2006-2009
 PROJECT PARTNERSSYNERGO (CH) ILS (D), ETT (E), National TU Atene (GR), NU NAPIER (UK), TRIVECTOR (S), UM FG (SLO), University of Vilnius (LIT), CUT (PL) + others


Mobility Management (MM) and Travel Awareness (TA) have many advantages as soft policy strategies: they are flexible, adaptable, fast to implement and offer value-for-money. Several sustainable transport research projects have covered MM and TA, but in isolated projects, limited to larger cities and pilot demonstrations.
AX offers the chance to link these two areas and exploit their synergies, based on its four research areas:
A Innovative Approaches in TA
B Behaviour Change Models and Prospective Assessment
C Quality Management and MM For Smaller Cities
D Integrating Planning and MM

They will be linked via its horizontal WPs:
WP1 State-of-the-art analysis
WP2 Conceptualisation and specification of research activities
WP3 Monitoring investigations and implementation
WP4 Compiling results
WP5 Dissemination and WP 0 Project Management, Quality Control and Evaluation, run in parallel for the duration of the project.

The research outcomes will be transformed into products, as follows:
  • Innovative awareness campaigns based on successful approaches in transport and other areas, plus an Awareness/campaign-planning tool for marketing departments/agencies
  • MM schemes for smaller cities based on the principles of quality management, and suitable for certification
  • A prospective assessment tool for evaluating campaigns
  • A planning scheme to integrate MM into site development, aimed at planners and decision makers
  • A behaviour change model will be presented
A special focus is on new Member States, as reflected in the partners from 16 EU countries, 4 of them new Member States. The consortium will provide excellence, know-how and experience of various disciplines including a marketing agency and social scientists. Main results will be translated into the most important languages of these countries, the final conference will be held in the largest new EU Member State, Poland, in the city of Krakow.