About Us

Centre for Mobility Studies

The Centre for Mobility Studies is affiliated to the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Maribor and to the Institute of Transport Reasearch.

The Centre for Mobility Studies performs international, national, regional and local scientific, research and development project in the field of sustainable mobility. 

Fields of study:

  • sustainable mobility
  • transport planning
  • mobility management
  • public transport
  • transport modelling
  • ITS in transport
  • transport policy
  • land space planning and transport  
  • transport and environment
Centre mission and Goals:
  • improvement of possibilities for increased sustainable mobility of inhabitants,
  • implementation of environment friendly transport modes,
  • development of fast, reliable, efficient and effective public transport,
  • contribution to the development of sustainable transport,
  • active participation in creating transport policy,
  • finding and developing new technologies in transport and mobility, 
  • active participation in domestic and foreign conferences.
Our motto:
Sustainable transport – why not.